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aid network denton is a grassroots mutual aid and crisis response collective created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. we aim to connect resources in denton county and provide aid to those most at risk in our communities.

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what is mutual aid? 

mutual aid refers to individuals joining together to assist one another emotionally, socially, materially, or financially. As opposed to charity, mutual aid is a two-way exchange and their is no moral superiority between giver and receiver. 

solidarity not charity

In the face of crisis, there is often a gap in the amount of people who need help and aid available from the government and organizations. 

to fill this gap communities across the country have formed mutual aid groups to meet their own needs in a grassroots, decentralized, corruption-resistant way. aid is given directly to people who need it as opposed to going through an organization.

donating to mutual aid funds is more effective to getting people immediate assistance than donating to a nonprofit. (of course you can do both)

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